17 thoughts on “Caselman air rifle pictures

  1. Hello Mike
    Do You Still build the caselman air machine gun .And if you do
    what would be the cost of the working product? I have an airordnance s.m.g.22 air or co2 machine gun but the caselman is the crown jewel of air guns

  2. Hi Mike:

    Just musing on this, you’re absolutely right, hardly anyone would pay 5k for one of these, even though the neato factor is huge. That said, though, 3 things occur to me:

    1. Are there key parts you could economically make that the average Joe could not make, that, with parts he could make, would ease making one at home?

    2. I wonder if there isn’t a redesign in there somewhat to simplify it.

    3. I wonder if there isn’t a generally available SMG parts kit – Sten, Sterling, something like that – that would serve as a frame, receiver, barrel, and furniture that an air SMG set of parts could be installed in.

    It would be great, really, if you could turn one of these out economically and at a profit for yourself.



    • Hi Tom,

      1. There are parts that could be made to aid the home builder. Unfortunately I think it would be just about all of them. Almost every part on this air rifle required a lathe or mill to make. That being said, if someone came to me looking for a specific part I’d be happy to do a one off order for them.

      2. A re-design is a project that I’ve had on the backgurner for a few years now. I think changing things like full auto only, open bolt operation, and the use of as much off the shelf stock as possible, would bring this project into the realm of obtainable for most people. I’ve thought about just designing my own amg centered around the home builder. I’m just not positive how much demand there is from home builders nowadays though.

      3. I had toyed with using a paintball gun as a starting point, but never a smg parts kit. Maybe a combination of both would be the ticket.

      I’ve really wanted to make these available, I think a ton of people would be interested.

      • Okay, I went and did a little on line shopping. Apex still has some cheap parts kits, but they don’t seem to sell any with the barrels anymore. Funny, they used to all come with barrels. Seems the same with the rest.

        Hmm…Sten parts kits can be found without barrels for under 100 bucks. Are barrels available? Let’s see. Yes, from Indianapolis, but kinda pricey. Okay, Czech SA-26 kits, similarly cheap but also no barrels. Barrels available from 140 in 7.62.

        Did you ever list what it took, time-wise, to make each separate part? Example, you made the wooden furniture. A sub gun kit could save that much time, because at least it has the furniture with it. So if the barrel is done and the basic frame and furniture is too…might be more affordable.

      • Something else occurred to me; most people who would want one would want them as reasonably effective weapons. To that end, might want to go larger caliber and longer, heavier bullets, at lower – subsonic – velocity. Might be worthwhile, too, to make permanently affixed suppressors, which appear to be legal as, again, permanent parts of the air gun.

        Just random thoughts, there.

    • I never did a breakdown of the individual parts. If the plan was to do a run and offer them for sale I would vet out the prototype and have the parts machined by a production company. Then assemble them myself.

      The parts kit route would be more about designing a rifle around specific parts that are widely available. There are a lot of parts in those kits that wouldn’t be needed, so I’d want to design it around parts that can be bought individually as well.

      Even with using a bunch of existing parts I still think it would require a lathe to make some of the internal parts. I think a lathe is unfortunately less common these days, so it kinda puts a damper on things. I could offer a “builders parts kit” that would include the pieces to fill in the gaps of the manufactured parts, but I think just the kit would come out to a few hundred dollars.

      So just as a very rough estimate
      1. Existing firearm parts ~ $250
      2. Fill in parts kit ~ $350
      3. End user must assemble the airgun

      I’m not sure if there would be a market for a $600+ air gun that requires serious assemble and tools to produce.

      Larger calibers are possible, but at the cost of shot capacity per air tank. As it stands the one inbuilt gets roughly about 300 shots for a 24 ounce co2 tank at 550fps. Higher velocities require running hpa at much higher pressures. He advertised 30 shots of .30 cal projectiles at 1000 fps running on 3000psi hpa. Pushing up the caliber will only further reduce the shots per tank.

      Also integral suppressors are legal, but I really don’t think it’s needed. It’s already quiet enough that you don’t need hearing protection.

      Also feel free to email me if you’d like to get into more specifics. Email is a bit more streamlined than discussing in a comments section. Mikescustomweaponry@gmail.com

  3. Hello Mike, I have spent a whole lot of hours thinking of alternatives that will still be efficient in making the caselman amg, it’s kind of illegal to own an airgun in Nigeria where I come from,though I’m hoping to take advantage of a clause I found in the constitution.

    I have found a couple of pressure rated off the shelf parts(+ a little creativity) that could do just the same,if it interests anyone I’d share it,I’d love to see my thought being built ☺️

  4. Just noticed you approve before it appears,just digest this ,no need to post unless you choose to

    The valve chamber I think could be made with a cheap 4,500psi hand pump oil/water seperator and moded a little (the internal filters gutted and replaced with the spring and valve assembly)

    The tank area, instead of machining ,an airsoft coil remote hose I found online would do the trick and it’s already made in a way it could connect to the valve chamber.

    Sorry if my explanation is confusing,I could send it through email with image attachments but I hope you understand,I’m sure the only machining that will be needed will be on the bolt assembly.
    I would have loved to try building but constrained, I just finished from the University + Corona economic crisis, conversion rate from Nigerian naira to Dollar is sickening.

    Best regards, I have a tonne of knowledge to get from your site,do have a lovely time

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