Caselman New Bolt Design


After thinking about it for about a month I finally figured out how to get rid of about 5/8 inch dead space in between the bolt and the bullet on the air rifle. This should give it better performance and reliability. Old bolt is on the left new bolt is on the right. It’s not quite finished yet, so I haven’t tested it yet.


15 thoughts on “Caselman New Bolt Design

  1. Do you have any casalmen airguns for sale?Would love one for plinking,just don’t have the plans,equipment,or knowledge to build one.

    • Unfortunately the price I’d have to sell them for is really high. They just take so darn long to make. I had over 200 hours in this one and it’s still not quite to where it would need to be to sell. The plans are available online though, just google it.

  2. Too bad Jeff isn’t making the kits anymore (hint hint) as I’d pay those high price and the kits could look benignly like a dismantled push bike.
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    Beautiful stuff Mike. I love seeing things done properly and its getting I need a white stick down here 🙂

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  4. Hi there. Impressed by your craftsmanship, you could work for me anytime. I’ve been studying the photos you put on TFB, I see you put an extra O ring on the bolt now (the old one) was that an improvement? In the original drawings its stated that the bolt body may need weighting with lead, did you try that? I saw you put extra slots in the striker follower, was that to reduce friction and weight? Anyway, nice job and I’m looking forward for more updates. btw I am not considering this a real Caselman APMG till I see it cut a 2 by 4 from ten yards…

    • Thank you. The second o-ring makes sense, but didn’t show much improvement in practice. As far as the lead is concerned I could see that being needed when running the gun at 3000 psi. I’m running mine at just under 1000psi currently. I lightened the bolt and striker in an attempt to up the cycling speed and reliability while running it at the lower pressure. Unfortunately it is far from reliable while at the lower pressure. Eventually I’ll be switching to a hpa setup so I can up the psi to around 2000. Hopefully then I’ll be able to cut up some 2×4’s haha.

      • Maybe you could put an extra valve (smaller) on there that operates the bolt frontward, making the striker double action, that sure could improve cycling speed. I know that would take a whole lot of designing but I think it is possible.
        Did you test the new bolt yet? The idea is good, I wonder if it still has the same blow back power. I think the hole should be a slot to give it more opening time, don’t know could be very wrong. Your barrel, is that a smooth one?

      • Im shying away from double action because it’s already a gas hog. Plus cool down becomes even more of an issue when running co2. I have tested the new bolt, and it definitely needs to be a slot. I just need to get around to working on it again. And im using a rifled barrel.

  5. Hello. I appreciate your whole job on the caselman’s project. You are probably the only one who really made real. Is there any chance you could post plans of the new receiver? Is it going to work if i make it straight from the plans, without any improvements?

    • There really isn’t a lot to post. The main issue is in the magazine block in the lower receiver. There’s an .125 slot that is incorrectly located in the plans. I believe the slot should be located .0625 off to the left side instead of where it is actually located in the plans. Feel free to email me at if you wish to get into it in depth.

    • I have, I don’t know if the demand is there unfortunately. Most of the parts can be made with hand tools and elbow grease, but if you’re looking to purchase some of the harder to make parts such as the magazine block, bolt head, valve body, etc… I can can come up with a price list for you.

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