Ar15 80% Build

My friend, Josh, and I built him an ar15 out of a parts kit and an aluminum 80% lower. My little micro mill worked fantastically on this job. It still needs to be polished out, but it runs flawlessly.












4 thoughts on “Ar15 80% Build

  1. What kind of mill are you using? The results you have there are quite good! I am interested in being able to do the same, but just getting started, was wondering what components you are using to do the mill work.

    • It’s a sieg x1 milling machine, but honestly get the best machine you can afford. The x1 is about as stiff as a wet noodle and you really have to go slow and easy on it. Don’t forget tooling when you’re figuring out a budget, end mills, collets, vise, etc. can cost as much if not more than the machine itself.

  2. Excellent. I had heard that the tooling was pretty pricey as well! Currently looking at the Sieg X2D, running about $600-700, but that includes no extras. I may see about getting the additional stuff in pieces. Thanks for your input. I look forward to seeing more of what you are doing with some of your other projects!

    • Go for it, the x2 looks way beefier. Check out, they have a ton of stuff to outfit these little machines. I hear you on tooling, just buy it as you run accross a project where you need it. All you really need to get started is a 3/8 collet, a cheap set of endmills with a 3/8 shank, and a little vice, or hold down set. I believe the x2 has an R8 spindle taper, so make sure the collets you get match that. Also depending on what collet(s) you get you might need a new drawbar. My mill came with a metric one and I bought standard collets. Good luck!

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