.314 Atlas

Here’s the designs for the .314 Atlas rounds. They should be more than safe up to about 23000 psi if they’re machined from 1018 cold rolled steel. I’m still developing a load for them so I really don’t have too much data yet, but there will be more once they develop further.











rifling close up

Snapshot 1 (11-2-2014 6-58 PM)

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      • Then looking at your fired “brass” you either have some pressure issues and need to reduce the load or machine the pocket a little tighter.

      • The primers look a bit funky after being fired mainly due to the “brass” being ejected immediately after being fired. Traditionally the primers have more of a solid surface to seat against in normal firearms. It’s more of an issue with the test gun design rather than the brass themselves. Eventually I’ll build a test rig to gather data and develop a load for the cartridge. The flash hole size might need to be adjusted also. Just gotta experiment.

  3. Mike,

    Mashable would like to use some of your images — with permission and credit — on its web site in a story about your ammo. We’d also like to talk to you. DM me on Twitter if you can: @LanceUlanoff


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  5. I had the same thoughts on 80% cartridges. Design looks simple enough. I betcha we could blow a few out via cnc. Saw the article on wired, thought it was worth a look, I’m from lancaster pa

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  7. Hey Mike, just wondering, why wont you release the cad files? I’m not trying to change your mind, I’d just like to know what your reasoning is. Also, is there any chance of getting step by step instructions for creating our own .314 atlas rounds?

    • I can’t legally. As I understand it ITAR controls defense related information, which is what the cad files fall under. I want to, I really do, but I can’t break the law. A step by step I think I can do. I hadn’t thought of that. As soon as I get a chance I’ll write up a step by step and post it. I’ll see what I can do to simplify the process too.

  8. Hello Mike,

    First of all congratulations on a very interesting innovation. I was wondering about the effect of your ammunition on the gun you printed with the 3d printer, and whether you have tried this ammunition in a conventional firearm (I realize it’s a unique caliber).

    How many of these rounds have you fired through the same gun without it breaking? I understand that your ammunition contains the forces coming from the round which normally would affect the barrel and weapon in general, but are there any other affects from the round travelling through the weapon so far? Would you consider trying this with a full-size 3D printed rifle barrel, provided it was made of strong enough material to withstand it?

    Thanks for your time!


    • Thanks. Other than some built up carbon the test gun is perfectly fine. I have not tried this ammo in a traditional firearm, although it would work perfect well. I have fired 19 rounds through the same gun without any ill effects to the gun. I dont think a rifle barrel is a reasonable thing to expect from plastic, at least not the current plastics used in 3d printers. The technology just isnt there yet. Thanks for the questions!

  9. Hello, I’m studying criminalistics at the IUPFA (Federal Police University), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m currently doing research for my final degree thesis. The chosen subject is polymer weapons. I’m contacting you to see if it is possible to get information related to my research, more specifically, which printer and polymer were used in the impression.

    Also, the dissertation covers those manufacturing characteristics that the gun may leave on the bullets used for itslater identification in criminal acts. Therefore, I would like to know if it is possible for you to send me information regarding such matters as well as the blueprints to perform the impressions.

    Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance,

    Best regards.

      • Good morning, I appreciate your response and I regret that you can not send me those files. Anyway I continue my research for the thesis and wanted to ask if you can at least send printed images of weapon used, and cartridges manufactured by you.
        It would also be helpful if you have photos of recovered projectiles that have been fired from this weapon, to observe at least in the images presence or absence of stretch marks canyon on them.
        Finally, if you do not mind, I need to know what materials you used for the manufacture of these cartridges .314 Atlas and if the composition of the gunpowder of these is the same as that used in the other cartridges.

        Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance,

        Best regards.

        Oriana Perrotti

  10. I thought casings were legal to manufacture and sell, seeing as you can buy them anywhere. It’s only regulated if its comes in the full package of casing, primer, powder and ball. This would be only be for the reloader crowd, as casual experimenters probably shouldn’t be doing this for safety concerns.

    • They are, with an FFL, which I don’t currently have. Even so, I haven’t found many people interested in experimenting with these things. Everyone seems to just want the models for the gun, or loaded ammo. I guess not many are interested in innovating these days.

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